Valentine’s Day happiness – Project X is officially sold


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.

Not only did I wake up to a lovely surprise from Mr Bond 🙂 I also had something delicious in my overnight inbox: official confirmation from my Samhain editor that my contract for Project X is on the way. She loved the partial and has been amazing at getting back to me only a week after getting the full manuscript.

Now all I need is to decide on a  title for it. I like the working title but am wondering if it really captures the essence of the book. The thing is I absolutely don’t want anything cheesy.  Hmm. Will have to decide soon as it will be published in October and the cover designer will need to know in the next few weeks. I find that titles either come at the start of the book or take months and months.

No matter today. I think the combination of Valentine’s Day and a book sale, definitely calls for a celebration. The Rose Freixenet is in the fridge and I need to wrap Mr Bond’s presents from me.

Have a lovely day.

Natasha xx




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