‘Dark Blue’ – my ‘red hot’ novel from Samhain

Oxford Blue (2)

I’ve got the official title for my first Natasha Bond novel. It’s DARK BLUE – the first in the Study in Seduction series I’m writing for Samhain. Publication date for the e book is September 24th 2013 with a print book in 2014. I love Samhain’s covers, they are always amazing so I can’t wait to see the design for DARK BLUE.

The second book, which is underway (sort of!) will be called FRENCH BLUE.

The novels feature two very Alpha Anglo-French brothers, Alex Lemaitre and Olivier Lemaitre. The Blue theme comes from the settings – Dark Blue is the Oxford University colour, French Blue will be set in Paris.

Both novels are escapist, glamorous and very steamy – in fact they have been designated as ‘red hot’ by Samhain – and be warned, they also have BDSM/kink elements. 🙂

DARK BLUE is set partly in Oxford, where Alex is a celebrity professor of Literature. Cool, brilliant and with a fearsome reputation for pushing his students to the limits, his world is about to spin out of control when he meets Carla, a young widow who has dreams and desires that only Alex can fulfil.

Some of you will know I also write sweet, sexy, humorous contemporary romance under another name. I’ve found that writing hotter, darker books requires even more focus on the hero and heroine and even more intense emotion. It’s been a challenge I’ve been delighted to embrace.

As for writing a steamy novel during the winter months – I thoroughly recommend it – much cheaper, greener and more fun than turning up the heating!


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