Bum In Chair Hands On Keyboard

Yes, BICHOK. That’s what I’ve been doing – and for those of you who don’t know what it stands for, it means Bum in Chair, Hands on Keyboard.

I’m now about one third through the first draft of my second Study in Seduction series. It’s called FRENCH BLUE and it features Olivier Lemaitre – the artist brother of Alex from DARK BLUE. I’ve taken a slower, steadier pace with this book and it’s really in the past few days that the deeper conflicts between the hero and heroine are gradually emerging. In an erotic romance, the emotions are more intense, not less. The characters are instantly attracted to each other and very quickly start their sexual journey, but just like any romance, there needs to be tension on every page.

I’m not there yet with FRENCH BLUE, but it’s my tenth book and I’ve learned to at least trust that by writing and exploring what charcacters would and would not do, the right path will reveal itself.

And I have a deadline of July: always a good motivator!


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